Name: Jiaxier Zhou

Nicknames: Coco


School and Year: BC’23


Major: no clue  


Years in Jube!: 1st year! 


General Future Aspirations: travel, direct shows, spread the gospel and leave a mark


Secret Ambition in Life:  I really want to change the world with Jesus 


Favorite Comfort Food: Nosa yogurt with granola; soymilk; just any fruits except for Dorian 


Favorite Musical Artist(s): Noname  


Favorite Bible Verse(s): Romans 12:2


Favorite Jube! Memory: singing Les Mis with Tiari, Sean, and Jordan when none of us except Sean remembered the lyrics 


Favorite Jube! Song: the one with the rose 


A Song You Wish Jube! Would Sing: The Heart of Worship


Celebrity You Would Want in Jube!: no


If you had to, how would you rename Jube!: I like Jube! 


Any other info people should know: ig: @coco.zzhou