Name: Emily June Gethen


School and Year: BC ‘24


Major: Nope not yet!


Years in Jube!: 0


General Future Aspirations: Find a job in which I can actively serve others and find my own

happiness and firstly, to find my way at Barnard


Secret Ambition in Life: Move back to Malaysia and become a pop star. I am obsessed.


Favorite Comfort Food: Twist in a cone with rainbow sprinkles


Favorite Musical Artist(s): Ben Folds, Billy Joel, and Malaysian pop star Siti Nurhaliza


Favorite Bible Verse(s): Matthew 5: 46-48 and Romans 8: 38-39


Favorite Jube! Memory: I’m new here :o


Favorite Jube! Song: Change in my Life


A Song You Wish Jube! Would Sing: Glory Come Down by Jesus Culture


Celebrity You Would Want in Jube!: Sara Bareilles


If you had to, how would you rename Jube!: CU4JC