Name: Melissa Choi


Nicknames: Mel, a philosophizing vegetable (the homonym of my Mandarin name), robo-mel (I can be a workaholic), yaymel


School and Year: BC’20½

Major: Urban Studies (Political Science)

Years in Jube!: 1.5


General Future Aspirations: Contribute to the sustainable development of the Southeast Asian region, pick up Indonesian/coding/doodling (in that order), and maybe start a family and raise a dog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Secret Ambition in Life: To keep walking with God as I proclaim His name throughout the nations.


Favorite Comfort Food: Milo gao siew dai and Hainanese chicken rice sans chicken at home, and

Thai Market’s lunch special and grapes and cheese in NYC.


Favorite Musical Artist(s): Sam Ock (thanks to BC’s Against the Current), Casting Crowns, Brooke Fraser, Audrey Assad, Jacob Collier


Favorite Bible Verse(s): Genesis 50:20, Matthew 11:28-30, John 16:33


Favorite Jube! Memory: Tiari stringing together lyrics to make a hilarious song, receiving timely encouragement—and rebuke—from jubies past and present, and performing for my church’s Children’s Ministry, ‘twas such a heartwarming experience.


Favorite Jube! Song: Because He Lives (Winter 2017) and Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Spring 2019)


A Song You Wish Jube! Would Sing: Yet Not I by CityAlight, I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe, No Longer Slaves by Bethel


Celebrity You Would Want in Jube!: Yolanda Solomon, one of the Christian Union Ministry Fellows who has an amazing voice and happens to be my bible course teacher ♥


If you had to, how would you rename Jube!: Pitch Imperfect, because even though we’re imperfect both in living out the Gospel and in singing, God still loves us.

Any other info people should know: Grace is my baptism name, but I go by Melissa. Hit me up if you wanna visit Every Nation NYC, my church!



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Study Break  March 8, 2020

Spring Concert  May 3, 2020




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