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Pitch Pipe Pastures Recap 🐑

2023 April 30th | after a semester’s pain and joy, with the mercy and providence of the Lord, we had our spring concert this Sunday 💚!

We celebrated our seniors and most importantly, all the miracles that the Lord has shown us in our lives with songs, yummy food, and fellowship! It is so sad to see our seniors go on their next journeys—Jonah, Alvin, Yvonne, and Coco! Praise the Lord for all the time we do share and I believe that in Christ, there is no separation, but forever, joyful union!

Our awesome seniors!

Our heart is full! Thank you all so much for coming and supporting jube! online or in-person with so much love and prayers! (Shoutout to Grandma Gethen for the delicious pastries, the Gethen family for our fabulous décor, Annie and Silas for tech support, and our alums for their overflowing support 🥰)

Just Jube alums being the best <3

Remember, you do not need any transport fare to revisit the Pitch Pipe Pastures; you can do that at any time through this link 😏. May the Lord bless you and keep you! We’ll see you very soon God willing!


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