Name: Sean Seohyun Kim

Nicknames: Sean, Big Sean, Little Sean 


School and Year: CC 2020


Major: Biology


Years in Jube!: 3


General Future Aspirations: Become a doctor, save some lives


Secret Ambition in Life: Become cool enough to wear shades at night


Favorite Comfort Food: Potato pork back-bone stew


Favorite Musical Artist(s): A Tribe Called Quest, Chick Corea, Aretha Franklin


Favorite Bible Verse(s): Romans 8:38-39


Favorite Jube! Memory: BidB, and all of our post-concert potlucks


Favorite Jube! Song: Through It All


A Song You Wish Jube! Would Sing: I’m Going Over Yonder


Celebrity You Would Want in Jube!: Jesus


If you had to, how would you rename Jube!: ¡Jubilación!


Any other info people should know: I like to sing



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Study Break  March 8, 2020

Spring Concert  May 3, 2020




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Webmaster: Jordan & Melissa


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