Name: Tiari Ku’ualoha Maile Fa’agata


Nicknames: Tre (sounds like “tray” lol)


School and Year: CC 2022


Major: Double Major for Visual Arts and Performing Arts


Years in Jube!: 2nd Year


General Future Aspirations: Live a good and Christlike life and to be a person that can show aloha (love) for myself and others


Secret Ambition in Life: Live on my own comfortably for some time with just nature around me and a dog or two, sleep as long as I want with little to no repercussions, and the ability to be able to visit my friends when I can


Favorite Comfort Food: Rice


Favorite Musical Artist(s): Ryuichi Sakamoto, Eve, GYARI, PinocchioP, Kenshi Yonezu


Favorite Bible Verse(s): Romans 12:2


Favorite Jube! Memory: All the jamming out sessions and just being able to have good, genial conversations with each other


Favorite Jube! Song: All of them (Every song has it’s good points!)


A Song You Wish Jube! Would Sing: E Haku I Ka Pu’u Wai (Weave One Heart)


Celebrity You Would Want in Jube!: Jesus himself, I’m sure he could 100% give a good riff or two


Any other info people should know: I’m in a bunch of clubs, so keep an ear out for my announcements of when I have other performances, and I’d be honored if you guys could come and see me as well! It’s also the same the other way around, so please share whatever performances and stuff y’all’s got going on!



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Study Break  March 8, 2020

Spring Concert  May 3, 2020




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