Name: Tiari Fa’agata


Nicknames: Tre (pronounced Trey/Tray)


School and Year: CC ‘22


Major: Double Major for Visual Arts and Performing Arts (Theatre)


Years in Jube!: 2


General Future Aspirations: Live a good and Christlike life and to be a person that can show aloha (love) for myself and others, and becoming a reasonably paid and established artist


Secret Ambition in Life: Live on my own comfortably for some time with just nature around me and a dog or two, sleep as long as I want with little to no repercussions, and the ability to be able to visit my friends when I can


Favorite Comfort Food: rice, takoyaki, any Hawaiian food dish, kalo/taro, avocados, papayas


Favorite Bible Verse(s): Romans 12:2


A Song You Wish Jube! Would Sing: The Prayer


Celebrity You Would Want in Jube!: C’mon it’s still Jesus himself, I’m sure he’d love to sing along


If you had to, how would you rename Jube!: 


Any other info people should know: I am in a bunch of clubs so certainly stop by any performances or meetings you may be interested in if the time comes, I would always be happy to see more faces in the audience etc.